Frequently Asked Questions

When do you Bake and Deliver?

All the products are baked daily in the morning, 7 days a week and delivered right after. 


How can I get some samples... ?

For businesses only, go to the contact form and fill out your information. We will call or email you back if you are in our delivery area.
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What are the prices ?

Fill out the contact form and we will call or email you back.
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I'm an individual, can I place an order ?

For now we can only work with businesses.


How to pay ?

Payment by Credit Cards only.
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Where do You Deliver ?

As of today we deliver Center City and the suburbs. Please send us your address and we will tell you if we can deliver to your location.
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What is the Minimun Order ?

We ask for a minimum of 20 units a day.
We plan a one week order schedule with customers.
The orders can be adjusted 24 hours before the delivery schedule.
Go to the Contact Form if you need more information and we will call or email you back.
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